Teacher Information Section

To get you started

This website has severall areas with information and sugestions:

#1. Course related e-learnings

#2. Teacher manual

#3. Teacher Tips

Week 0:

  • Fill in the ‘getting my Log-in’ to get access codes (below)
  • Check the learning objective of your course. You will find them in your universities curriculum.
  • Check the ‘Getting Started’ section


Week 1:

  • Explain your students the objectives of your course
  • Make student teams per webshop
  • Ask students to send in one Webshop Request per team. (They will get their log-in in one or two working days)
  • Demonstrate the navigation of this website. Where can they find relevant information.
  • Explain the use of the available course modules
  • Explain the does and don’ts of experimenting in WordPress/Woocommerce (make clear that changes in pricing, discount, inventory are prohibited and 

All teams must now have access to:

  • their webshop
  • the Google Analytics account
  • the email account of their webshop

Getting my Log-In code

To receive your unique teacher Log-in code, please fill in the form.


Tell what university you represent
Where do we send the sign-in data to?
In case it is urgent, we can contact you at this phone number
To give us an estimation of the workload when onboarding your students
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